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How to Purchase Using Comment Sold:

  • Follow instructions on each post. Comment sold, size, color (if applicable)
  • After you comment on a post, follow the link to your Comment Sold account to complete your purchase.

Discounts: Teachers, nurses, first responder codes are all able to be used! Any other codes are not valid unless otherwise specified in the post. First time shopping with us? Use the code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order!

Rewards: Beautique Bucks are valid only on our website. You can earn Comment Cold credit with each purchase and earn rewards automatically that will apply to your Comment Sold purchases!

Gift cards: Comment Sold is a separate system, therefore our gift cards do not integrate at this time. If you want to use your credit on Comment Sold instead of our website, we can transfer the credit for you. It can then only be used in Comment Sold. To transfer credit, email your gift card code to

Waitlist: If you comment for an item and it is not added to your cart, it is most likely on your waitlist. This means the item is already in someone else’s cart or it is sold out. If the item becomes available, you will be notified via email and you can log into your account to complete your purchase.

Preauthorization: If you have been waitlisted for an item, you can preauthorize the purchase to be moved to the top of the list! This means if the item becomes available and is added to your cart, you will be charged immediately so you don’t miss it! Preauthorization is valid for 30 days.

How do I preauthorize and get moved to the top of the list?

Log into your account and scroll till you find your waitlisted items. Click the pink button that says “Be First On The Waitlist”. Then select your payment method, shipping method, and enter any discount codes.


Comment Charge: You can enable Comment Charge in your settings to automatically place your order after you comment sold on the post - no need to follow the link to complete the purchase! 

Returns: Comment Sold items that are returned will be issued a credit to your Comment Sold account. This credit can be used on any future Comment Sold purchase. 

Free shipping if cart is paid for within 1 hour.



What if I want to purchase more than one item from one post?

You must make separate comments for each item you are wanting to purchase.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding an order, email us at