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LADYBOSS Visionaries Blue Light Glasses

$ 89.00
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glossy black

There's nothing worse than feeling drained after a long day at work. But that "drained" feeling is often artificial; stemming from mental exhaustion caused by your computer screen. Studies show that blue-light emitted from computer and phone screens is a leading cause of migraines, insomnia, and eye fatigue. 

I remember staring at my computer one day thinking, "this job will kill my eyes!" That's why I developed the stylish, on-trend line of computer glasses you see before you.

These gorgeous, classy glasses will filter blue light emitted by your computers, tablets, and smartphones, reducing eyestrain and giving you a better night's sleep. In tests, these glasses block 99.9 percent of radiation, bringing you a premier level of protection. 

Purchase VISIONARIES to keep you protected and in-style, whether at work or on the go! 



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