good work(s) - WRAP AROUND W/ CRYSTALS

$ 24.99

A melody of inspiration, elegance, and fashion, the Tri-tone metallic bracelet is the perfect piece to accessorize your outfit and lighten your spirit. Signature wrap around design with an arrangement of 13 inspirational words and messages. Available in a metallic, tri-tone gloss color way. Easy-to-wear sliding magnetic clasp.

Neon Orange/Neon Pink/Magenta
Magenta/Neon Green/Blue
Neon Green/Purple/Neon Yellow
Neon Green/Neon Yellow/Blue
Blue/Neon Orange/Neon Pink
Pink/Neon Yellow/Purple
Neon Purple/Pink/Magenta
Blue/Neon Orange/Magenta
Neon Orange/Yellow/Neon Purple
Red/Neon Yellow/Neon Orange
Blue/Neon Orange/Neon Yellow
Neon Purple/Neon Orange/Magenta

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